Cliff – 5yrs – Male

This sweet, gentle soul is Cliff, a nervous boy who has taken some time to settle into his new surroundings. As he has slowly come out of his shell, a beautifully affectionate little boy has started to appear, something we hope will continue to develop once the perfect home has been found for him. Cliff will require lots of patience, understanding, and love whilst he adjusts with his new family, but we hope in time once he has adjusted to the routine of his new life he will slowly become more confident and happy. Cliff enjoys grooming, and also does enjoy some strokes and fuss, leaning into you and the occasional head bop. He loves a cosy cat nap, and we’ve even seen a playful side to Cliff, enjoying playing with laser and feather toys specifically. Cliff may be able to live with another friendly cat, but would prefer not to live with a dog. Cliff would need access to an outdoor space, but is likely to spend more time inside until he is confident enough to explore. Cliff could live with calm and understanding children of a secondary school age.