FOSTER OPPORTUNITY: Cleo & Bandit – 10 mts – Female & Male

This is a special opportunity to foster an extra special pair of kittens!

This delightful duo are Cleo and Bandit and were born with cerebellar hypoplasia- also known as ‘wobbly cat syndrome’.
This condition is when the cerebellum in the brain doesn’t develop properly, causing loss of balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness and gives them the ‘wobbly’ look.
We had them with us at the animal centre for the first 8 months of their lives, working very closely with them during these months while they grew up, and helping them learn to cope with their disability.

Around a month ago we saw them go off to their short term foster home, where we have learnt a lot about them in a home environment.

It is now time for us to look for a more longer term foster home.

We are looking for a fairly simple home, because of their condition. Ideally with people who are home a fair amount of the day. It would good if there weren’t other animals in the home, and either no or older children. We will of course take it on a case by case basis though.

Their current foster family have said they have had a wonderful experience with the pair. ‘Cleo is curious about everything and being a little more able, loves to climb and explore. She is extremely nosey and it is adorable watching her trying to figure out the world.
Bandit is much more loving and not quite as independent. When he wants love, you know about it. He’s straight up on your lap and purring away.’

If you think you might be able to help this special pair of cats, then please do contact the centre by telephone or by email to discuss further.