Goose – 1yr – Male (RESERVED)

This brilliant little chap is Goose. He is a nervous, shy, cautious boy who has spent the majority of his short-life as a stray, therefore isn’t overly trusting of people currently. Even so, during his time in a foster placement he has shown glimmers of a wonderfully playful and sweet character, who enjoys his home comforts and is happy to spend time with you but isn’t keen on sitting on laps just yet. Goose is in need of the right home which will allow him to build his confidence to let this personality shine through. Goose could potentially live with another friendly cat, but wouldn’t want to live with a dog. He’ll need a family with plenty of love, patience, and understanding that he may take time to settle into his new environment, and will allow him to do this in his own way. He’ll need a home that is quiet and calm so that he can adjust to the family’s routine whilst building his confidence, therefore, we believe Goose could be home with children of a secondary school age should they understand this. Goose will need access to an outdoor space for when the time came that he was confident enough to explore and return home afterwards. Could you offer the perfect home to our Goose?