How to Help


There are lots of ways you can support us, for example, by volunteering – we’ve a wide variety of work to be done.

Our Shops

If you have items you no longer want, you could bring them in to one of our charity shops. While you’re there why not take a look to see if we have anything you’d like to buy. We always need cash donations of course, and below you will find a number of ways to contribute money.

Sponsoring our animals

If you’d like to think about sponsoring an animal pen to help us with the cost of caring for its occupant, please take a look at our sponsorship form. Cat pens are £3.50 a week and small animal pens are £2.00 a week. Sponsorship can be for as few or as many weeks as you like and a certificate with your name on it will be displayed on the pen.

Payroll giving

Perhaps you’d like to consider giving us a donation each month/week direct from your pay. You decide how much you’d like to give us and let your employer know by handing them this form.

Leaving money in your Will

If you are making a Will, please remember the RSPCA Isle of Thanet Branch and the Woodchurch Animal Centre. RSPCA branches are separately registered charities and responsible for raising funds locally. So if you would like to help animals in East Kent, please make sure that the legacy wording reads:
I give £………… the RSPCA Isle of Thanet Branch, Registered Charity number 209365 and express the wish that this legacy must be used solely for the benefit of the RSPCA Woodchurch Animal Centre.

Adopt an Animal