Kenzy & Callie – Various – Female

This delightful duo is Kenzy and Callie, a beautiful pair of older pups ready for their forever home. They are a sweet, affectionate pair who absolutely love each other and are looking for a home together. They both enjoy regular company and lots of fuss, and they both walk well on the lead. Callie also knows how to sit, and other commands too. We always recommend taking dogs to a training class, as this is great for both their physical and mental health. As part of the adoption from our centre, we offer a five-week free training course with Enve Canine Services. Although being older girls, both Kenzy and Callie are full of energy and love to play. We think that they would be well suited to a household with children of a secondary school age, but they would prefer not to live with a cat. Kenzy and Callie are two wonderful ladies who deserve to be loved endlessly!