Misty – 5yrs – Female

This sweet girl is Misty, a beautiful cat looking for her forever home. Misty was returned to us after it didn’t work out with her last home, so we’re desperate to find her the perfect family so that she can be back in a home environment where she belongs. She is initially cautious and unsure in new surroundings, but with lots of patience, understanding and love she’ll soon adjust to the regular routine around her. Misty is a affectionate girl, who enjoys strokes and will give you lots of head bops in return. She can also be a playful girl, enjoying toys such as laser pointers. Once Misty is done with affection or playing, she’ll let you know, and settle in the comfiest spot she can find for a perfect cat nap. We’re looking for an adult-only household for Misty, with the potential to live with another friendly cat, but would prefer not to live with a dog. Misty will need access to an outdoor space for whenever she feels like exploring.