Poppy & William – 9yrs – Various

This beautiful pair are Poppy (Chocolate Labrador) and William (Miniature Poodle), both 9 years old and neutered.
Poppy and William had a bit of a sad start to 2023, but have been lovingly nursed back to health by their foster family; all they need now is a forever home to retire in!

Poppy is a playful and full of beans, she plays with her ball all day long but also has a gentle side, acting as a guide for William who cannot see. She loves going for walks and learning new things; she’s learnt how to sit and ask for treats in the past few months. Her tail never stops wagging and she is always so happy to see you!
Although William is blind there’s no stopping him. He bumps into things every so often, but shakes himself off and carries on! He absolutely loves to be cuddled and fussed and would love to find a home with a nice cosy sofa for him to curl up on. In new environments he uses Poppy as a guide, but once he’s comfortable with his surroundings he’s incredibly independent.

Poppy and William are inseparable, and must go home together. Although William is fine with other dogs, Poppy can be reactive so would be best suited as the only animals at home, just to keep their retirement simple. We’d suggest they could happily live with children of secondary school age or older, or just a few people at home to share the rest of their lives with!
It’s now time for them to find their forever home and retire with all the comfort and love that they so deserve.